A Brief Introduction

Seawill is a market leader in managing the supply chain in China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone. Through the China-based subsidiaries and the Malaysia-based subsidiaries whose coverage spanning most of the vital cities and ports in Beibu Gulf Economic Rim and Malaysia, Seawill participates in the key stages of the regional supply chain by strategic investments and custom-made services.

Since Seawill was established in 2000, our mission has been to connect Beibu Gulf to the world in a more convenient and efficient way. Grouped by our affiliated entities that include the arms of Ship Chartering, Port Agency, Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding, Air Express and Transit Transportation, Seawill's supply chain management is a wining combination of hands-on experience and local guanxi, helping our clientele achieve better business performance in China-ASEAN.

Seawill, your SCM partner in Beibu Gulf!

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